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A brief history of Indian Head Massage (IHM)

Indian Head Massage has been practised in Indian for over 4000 years It is a holistic healing, which combines natural remedies and encompasses the mind, body and sole. It strives to restore the balance and inner harmony of the mind, body and sole so it can improve the health of the individual.

Originally the treatment only included the head but when the practise came to the west the face, neck, shoulders, arms and back were added to the routine.

Originally practiced for health benefits and beautiful shiny hair, various oils can be used such as coconut and mustard oil but also sesame (for muscular aches and pains), olive oil (moisturise and relieve muscle stiffness), sweet almond oil (eases muscular tension, moisturising particularly good for dry hair) and jojoba (moisturising and relieves inflammation so is particularly good for acne, eczema and arthritis).

The art of the massage is handed down from generation to generation. Expectant mothers will have a head massage every day until the baby is born. The massage has an excellent physical effect and also it helps greatly with the bonding and is a very good way of showing affection for the baby and child. When children reach the age of 6 they are shown how to give an Indian Head Massage and they will then carry on giving and receiving head massages until old age.

In India couples will receive various massages before they are married, this helps the skin and hair to look its best and also relaxes the couple before the marriage ceremony.

If you visit a barber's shop in India you will automatically be given a head massage as part of the service, in some areas this is referred to as “champi”, which is the Indian word for head massage. Many men and women claim that head massages help prevent going grey and balding, but as yet this has not been scientifically proved!!!


Benefits of Indian Head Massage


Increase blood supply to scalp, head and neck, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area.
Revitalise your body and mind
Relieve muscular pain and tension
Improve concentration, relive mental fatigue and stress
Improve lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins
Psychological Effects. Increases alertness
Revitalizes the whole Person
Gives a feeling of balance. Subtle Effects
Balance the Chakras


Following your treatment you may experience a number of side effects, these are called “contra-actions”, there is no need to worry as this is only temporary and occurs as the toxins are dispersed from your body. These effects could include:

· An increase or decrease in your appetite
· Aches and pains in any joints and muscles
· A need to pass water more frequently than normal
· A stiff back
· Mild Headaches
· Increase in nasal congestion
· Coughing or chestiness
· Tiredness
· Disturbed sleep patterns dreams


In order to reduce the chance of any temporary adverse side effects you should try to do the following:

Drink plenty of water
Listen to your body: If you feel tired, simply rest, if you feel energetic go for a short walk
Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol
Eat light meals





Can I learn to do it myself?

You can massage most parts of your body, except the middle part of your back but one of the best things about receiving a massage is that someone else is doing the work. You can give yourself a quick neck and shoulder massage, while sitting at your desk at work, and you know exactly how much pressure is right for you.
Will I have to undress?
For IHM you will not have to take your clothes off, oils may be used, but only on your head. It is advised that you wear comfortable clothes, a t-shirt is a good choice.
What happens in a massage session?
Sessions last about 45+ minutes. At your first appointment, you will be asked about your current and past illnesses, accidents or surgery, and whether you are taking any medication. Such information is confidential.
It's part of my job to make you feel comfortable. If there are parts of your body where you prefer not to be touched, please tell me.
I will ll often ask for feedback, such as, 'How's the pressure? Is it too light, too strong, or about right?' If you have massage regularly, your response to this question will vary, according to your state of health and energy levels. It's not necessary to chat during a session, and you are more likely to benefit if you can quietly focus on your breathing and bodily sensations. You may find it more relaxing with your eyes shut.

What is the cost?

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