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Welcome to Colour Blaze, we are specialists is the distribution and supply of inorganic pigments for industry. We supply pigments from all the leading manufacturers.  

We offer a personalised service and offer full independent technical advice. We sell, what you the customer needs, unrestricted by any one particular brand.

Most of our products are supplied in powder form or the newer, free flowing granules. We can also supply specialist pigments in liquid form where required.  

We ship in bulk or pre-packed into 'batch weights' to customer required weights and packaging specifications.

We stock a wide range of colours from the various manufactures. Call us with your requirements and to check our stocks.


We are flexible in the way we supply, our prices are very competitive and we have a very fast delivery service.

Typical sectors we address are:


Printing Inks  


As well as,  Plastics, Paper, Rubber Etc.


Our customers include: RMC, Marshalls, Hanson, Aggregate Industries, Blackfriars Paints.


Why not add your name to this list and deal with a company which will provide that little 'extra' which will turn 'ordinary' service into 'extraordinary' service.


Contact us at: Tel: 01275 817677  Fax: 01275 843733 or email: